24/7 Support

Customer Service

We know that you have trusted us with your business infrastructure, and we take that trust seriously. We have someone ready to help you solve any problem you may have, 24/7.

Our team of technical Help Desk professionals are highly specialized in all areas of Healthcare IT. We can support your business, no matter what your needs are. You can contact us by:

Phone: 516.747.4200

Email: support@evero.com


Remote Support: Remote Support Login



To make it as simple as possible for you to maintain your system, we use an automated issue resolution system called eSUPPORT. Log on to eSUPPORT and complete an eTicket that will be promptly routed to one of our technicians. Because eSUPPORT is 100% web based, the system allows you to easily open a trouble ticket, readily interact with our support staff, and check the status of open tickets.


After Hours Support

The system’s Digital Dashboard feature provides our clients with key data specific to the issue including severity, priority assignment, projected turnaround and, if necessary, any issue escalation action taken.


Non-Technical Questions


Our Help Desk Team offers assistance with non-technical general issues surrounding contracts, product history or entitlements, software upgrades, critical issue escalations and more. Our Help Desk Team will provide you with the information that you need…when you need it.