Electronic Healthcare Record Software

How does your agency currently manage its healthcare data?

If you are using anything but an encrypted, HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant, completely paperless system, there is room for improvement in how your agency manages its records.

Many EHR software platforms out there claim to be paperless, but actually involve printing out forms, writing information out by hand, and typing them up at the end of the day. Every minute your staff spends working on the same document is one less minute they’re spending helping the individuals you serve. Additionally, keeping your records in multiple different filing cabinets or databases means that when your time comes for an audit, producing the paperwork to support your funding may be a nightmare, taking days or weeks to complete.


eVero digitalAGENCY™ software eliminates these problems.

By automating key admin functions, you’ll free up time for your team members and ensure paperwork is always complete and compliant. Our software also makes it easy to communicate with all of the service providers involved in an individual’s long-term care. Better yet, each record you share through our software is encrypted to meet HIPAA standards, meaning that you don’t have to worry about leaking sensitive health information.

We understand better than any other EHR provider how to meet your specific needs as a long-term healthcare provider working with differently abled individuals. All of our products are tailored to fit your needs and workflow. We maintain an ongoing relationship with you, always able to update your software as new needs and regulations may arise.

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Our electronic healthcare software will automate key functions.

eVero digitalAGENCY™

is the ultimate communication tool: a complete electronic record of your individuals receiving services. All members of the treatment team can access a single record. With Internet connectivity, team members can access records anywhere, at any time, as long as they meet agency specific & HIPAA security levels.


eVero digitalAGENCY™ Features:

Our Accountable Care Team Model allows you to assign tiers of responsibility for data at your agency. This model creates an added layer of accountability. If the care provider for an individual enters information incorrectly, our system will alert a member of your Accountable Care Team. This worry-free system ensures that all of your documentation is complete and compliant.

Role-based Access allows you to control which information is shared with which people in your team, assuring strict privacy.

Charge and Expense Capture maximizes your ability to receive payment for all billable services rendered.

Business Process Management establishes workflow for timely documentation throughout the care process to ensure regulatory compliance.

Data Capture at the Point of Care provides real-time accountability and ensures adherence to the business rules specific to data collection, billing and reporting, inclusive of data captured remotely via mobile devices.

Business Analytics Dashboard presents an overview of the information needed to quickly analyze performance.