eVero Integrated Care Management Platform™

Digital Technology Meets Healthcare

As a healthcare provider, you’re probably using some type of electronic health record for the individuals you serve. But is your record system really paperless? Can you connect your records instantly with a network of other healthcare providers that also serve the same individual?

As the healthcare world moves towards a Managed Care Model, it is becoming more important to be able to interface with other agencies.


eVero ICM Platform™

In anticipation of this transition, eVero has developed the Integrated Care Management (ICM) Platform™ to allow you to track an individual’s long-term care across multiple providers through the exchange of information.

Once New York State completely changes over to the DISCO model, eVero’s ICM Platform™ will allow for an individual’s data to be shared across multiple DISCOs, multiple Agencies within each DISCO, as well as external service entities including Insurance Companies, Hospitals and Fiscal Intermediaries.


eVero digitalAGENCY™ Software

eVero’s Enterprise Level Case Management Software digitalAGENCY™ is the first EHR of its kind to manage large-scale information, with the ability to share data across the continuum of care, in real time. By using digitalAGENCY™ driven by the eVero ICM Platform™, you will enjoy the advantage of a single platform that both runs both the continuum of care network as well as operates a single database for storing information. This single platform design allows your Agency to share large-scale data without file duplication. It also enables multi-level access to data, which means that your files will be organized and ready when audit time comes.


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